MEONA Nominates The Muckrakes in Two Categories

Posted by The Muckrakes , Thursday, November 19, 2009 9:12 AM

MEONA (MUSIC EVENTS OUTDOOR OF NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT) is an organization that heavily promotes and supports local / regional bands for the love of music. Every year, MEONA nominates working bands of "notable achievment", this year they have nominated The Muckrakes in two categories, "Best Americana Band" as well as "Entertainers of the Year" (Band). We are the only group to have been nominated in two categories. We're very happy to be nominated.

We're asking for your support in our nomination by voting for us.

Voting is very simple. All we're asking you to do is send a very short e-mail to the fine folks at MEONA ( with the subject line of : "MEONA Nominations" and tell them that you'd like to vote for The Muckrakes as "Best Americana Band" as well as "Entertainers of the Year (Band)". Meona's e-mail address is: .That's it.

We feel very privledged to be nominated as there are a lot of talented people and bands in our region that work very hard on their craft and we wish the other nominees luck.

More information about MEONA can be found at:

Alternative Recording Formats/ Marketing/ Merchandising

Posted by The Muckrakes , Tuesday, November 17, 2009 3:35 PM

The Muckrakes is thinking about putting out a recording in another format as well as CD and digital download. Basically, the band sees the music industry changing and evolving and wants to keep up-to-date with various products and find new ways to merchandise and advertise.

It can get expensive for a band to release new material in a different medium, but we'd do it IF it was worth it to our fan and friend base.

We know that there's a fondness for vinyl and even some "hipsters" even prefer cassette. A few months ago, Cheap Trick released their new recording on 8-Track and we have a few friends that have released their album on USB's as well as USB armbands. We've also seen CD's as well as USB's packaged in paintcans. And just the other day we came across an album offered on a "credit card" type of format.

What do you think? Is this just marketing hype with all the products that are offered to artist now-a-days or does it serve a purpose, such as something for music collectors as well as benefiting the band as a marketing / advertising tool?

Sound off and let us know.