Posted by The Muckrakes , Saturday, April 4, 2009 5:32 PM

The Muckrakes uploaded two new songs on myspace from a show at The Capital Ale House Music Hall in Richmond, VA. The songs were recorded live and are TRAILER PARK LOVE SONG and THAT'S ALRIGHT MAMA.

So head off to our myspace page at and take a listen and be sure to drop us a line.

The Sea Level Song Writer's Festival.

Posted by The Muckrakes , Thursday, April 2, 2009 2:22 PM

The Muckrakes have been asked to play at The 2nd Annual Sea Level Song Writer's Festival on FRIDAY, APRIL 10th at 5:30 in Norfolk (Ghent). We will be outside in Ghent busking acoustically.

What's that?! You don't know what a busker is?! Well, Buskers are that rare breed of street entertainer in search of the best place or "pitch" to perform their artistic endeavor. And busking is a great way to bring the spirit of the Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival to Ghent. The Muckrakes will be scheduled to play in pre-designated areas on 21st Street and Colley Avenue throughout the Festival weekend. So bring yourself, your kids and rest of the family (as well as your friends) out and look for us! So c'mon out and listen to the band play that ol' timey music the way it was meant to be played, stripped bare and to the bones. Did we mention that it's FREE?! yep, that's right! FREE!

Jonatha Brooke headlines the Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival and Ghent locations will host TAO concerts, events, workshops April 9-11, 2009, with The Muckrakes on April 10th at 5:30.

Tidewater Arts Outreach will also raffle off a Gibson J45 True Vintage guitar (MSRP $3,847).

Gibson’s new J-45 True Vintage captures the genuine spirit of Gibson’s most popular acoustic. Nicknamed “The Workhorse” for its simple, rock-solid construction, the new J-45 True Vintage—hand-made by Gibson Acoustic in Bozeman, Montana—offers the build, materials, looks, and tone of this legendary guitar as it was the day it was first introduced in 1942. This new model stays true to the original in every way, including the same round-shoulder dreadnought body design, with a top made from AA-grade Sitka spruce, custom vintage top bracing, and back and sides constructed from pattern-grade mahogany from Honduras. Raffle tickets are only $10.00!!!

We'll see ya'll on the street of Ghent. Stop by us and say, "Howdy".

The Muckrakes Newest Member, Say "Hello" to our Little Friend.

Posted by The Muckrakes , Tuesday, March 31, 2009 4:42 PM

It's been a while since The Muckrakes have posted a blog, so we decided it's about time to do just that. A few changes have been made to The Muckrakes, our biggest change is that we've added a new fiddle player named Steve Campbell. Steve is a great musician and kicks that fiddle like no one's business. By day, he's a music teacher by night he's hell-bent on firing strings and rousing bows and plays various instruments for the band as well. Make sure you stop by his myspace page and say, "Howdy". He can be found at Give him a big Muckrakes "Woo-Hoo!"

Our bassist, Billy is safely back from gallivanting across the UK. He spent a week on vacation in England. He's back and it's time to hit the pavement!

Speaking of pavement, the band also has a few more gigs lined up. The gig dates are posted below. The Muckrakes will be playing from the capital city of Richmond, VA (RVA) to the shores of Virginia Beach within a few short weeks of each other, so there's no reason NOT to come out and see us. We are booking NC for the months of July and August now as well.

April.09.09--COZZY’S (Newport News, VA)
April.11.09--PLAZA BOWL (RVA)
April.17.09--TANNER’S CREEK (Norfolk, VA)
May.15.09--THE TAPHOUSE (Norfolk, VA)
May.28.09--SCOTTY QUIXX (Norfolk, VA)
June.13.09--BAR NONE (Virgina Beach, VA)
June.26.09--THE SOUTHEND PUB (Virginia Beach, VA)
June.27.09--PLAZA BOWL (RVA)

The band has also signed onto Please check us out at this new website as it has various tools that and integrations that other social networking websites do not have. The Muckrakes can be found

You can follow The Muckrakes on Twitter too! Visit us at to keep up with the band and all our members. We keep all of these websites updated on a daily basis, so finding the band is no problem.

Remember to spread the word!